How to install Supernova

Important Points to note: (READ THEM IF YOU HAVENT INSTALLED THIS ROM BEFORE) If your Hboot is not stock (like Oxygen/CM), you should change it back to Stock Hboot before flashing. This is a stock Rom. Remember the Golden Rule of Happy Flashing: Always create a Nandroid backup before proceeding If you’re going to try… Continue reading How to install Supernova

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Frequently asked questions

Question: How do I Partition my sdcard for StarBurst? Question:How do I Turn off signature verification in my Recovery? Question: Suppose I want to try another ROM which supports ext4. Can I do a Nandroid restore to restore my Data2SD based StarBurst, or is there anything else? You can simply do a Nandroid restore, provided… Continue reading Frequently asked questions

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(Unofficial) FreeBASIC Manual The latest complete Freebasic Wiki has been hosted on Droidzone. All of the content provided in these packages is also available from the official FreeBASIC wiki located at This download has been provided in the hopes that it may be useful. The FreeBASIC Manual is licensed under GFDL – GNU Free… Continue reading FreeBasic

Sdcard Polls

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Data2d Beta Code

When I refer to “beta” henceforth, I wont be using the old terminology of calling W versions as Beta. Both W and X version code have beta versions.  They are in beta because the theoretical possibility of them causing bootloops after kernel flashes cannot be ruled out. The beta code will be referred to with… Continue reading Data2d Beta Code

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Classic Edition

Main Rom ( – Classic Edition (Intelligent Data2SD) ROM Category: Development Release/Test Build When you report issues with a dev release, dont expect it to be fixed soon. Lightly Customized ROM Built-in Data2SD (No need to use the Data2Sd installer/Reinstaller) UOT Theme Essential Thirdparty app The difference between this Rom and the other Roms (Classic… Continue reading Classic Edition

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Data2SD Migration Code

Data2SD Migration Code: There are now three different versions of Data2SD: W series (previously called Beta code): Moves dalvik-cache and all system settings to nand. Superfast. Known Issues: Nand may fill up fast and impose an absolute limit on number of apps that may be installed. Should be enough for most people. If you face… Continue reading Data2SD Migration Code

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