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The latest complete Freebasic Wiki has been hosted on Droidzone.

All of the content provided in these packages is also available from the official FreeBASIC wiki located at

This download has been provided in the hopes that it may be useful.

The FreeBASIC Manual is licensed under GFDL – GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2, November 2002. A copy of this license is available within the downloadable documentation itself.

DISCLAIMER : By downloading this documentation you are assuming all responsibilities for its use. The providers of this documentation make no warranties of any kind and assume no liability, whatsoever.


FreeBasic Compiler

Linux version – 0.23.0

FreeBASIC Manual v0.20.0b (2008.08.11)

Conversions of the official wiki documentation to other formats (Files hosted at FreeBASIC project page):

CHM format  –
HTML format  –
TXT format  –
FBHELP format  –
WAKKA format  –

fbhelp – Version 0.8b (2008.08.11)

A console based viewer for FreeBASIC documentation (Files hosted at FreeBASIC project page). Viewer and help file are seperate downloads – see above for latest data file.

Windows v0.8b viewer:  –
DOS v0.8b viewer:  –
Source Code v0.8b:  –

Screen capture of fbhelp running in dos window

Previous Versions:

Due to limited server space, please obtain old CHM versions of the manual from the FreeBASIC downloads section at   Individual HTML files can be obtained by decompiling the CHM. Sorry for the inconvenience. See FreeBASIC Manual Downloads in the FreeBASIC wiki for a listing of files hosted by

FreeBASIC Manual v0.18.5b to v0.18.6b (2008.04.28)

CHM format  – 1.02 MiB
HTML format  – fbdoc-v0.18.5b-html.tar.gz 588 KiB
TXT format  – 401 KiB
FBHELP format  – 428 KiB

FreeBASIC Manual v0.18.4b (2008.04.15)

TXT format  – 399 KiB
FBHELP format  – 428 KiB

FreeBASIC Manual v0.18.3b (2007.12.12)

TXT format  – 376 KiB
FBHELP format  – 403 KiB

FreeBASIC Manual v0.18.2b (2007.11.04)

TXT format  – 370 KiB
FBHELP format  – 398 KiB

FreeBASIC Manual (2007.10.08)

TXT format  – 366 KiB
FBHELP format  – 395 KiB

FreeBASIC Manual v0.18.1b (2007.09.04)

TXT format  – 358 KiB
FBHELP format  – 386 KiB

FreeBASIC Manual v0.17b (2007.08.08)

TXT format  – 354 KiB
FBHELP format  – 375 KiB

fbhelp – Version 0.7b (2007.08.09)

Windows v0.7b viewer:  – 71 KiB
Dos v0.7b viewer:  – 119 KiB
Linux v0.7b viewer:  –  fbhelp-v0.7b-linux.tar.gz 80 KiB
Source Code v0.7b:  – 54 KiB

fbhelp – Version 0.6b (2007.02.22)

Source Code v0.6b:  – 53 KiB

Want to help improve the FreeBASIC documentation? Visit the FB Wiki – Help page to found out how.

By Joel G Mathew

Joel G Mathew, known in tech circles by the pseudonym Droidzone, is an opensource and programming enthusiast. He is a full stack developer, whose favorite languages are currently Python and Vue.js. He is also fluent in Javascript, Flutter/Dart, Perl, PHP, SQL, C and bash shell scripting. He loves Linux, and can often be found tinkering with linux kernel code, and source code for GNU applications. He used to be an active developer on XDA forums, and his tinkered ROMS used to be very popular in the early 2000s. His favorite pastime is grappling with GNU compilers, discovering newer Linux secrets, writing scripts, hacking roms, and programs (nothing illegal), reading, blogging. and testing out the latest gadgets. When away from the tech world, Dr Joel G. Mathew is a practising ENT Surgeon, busy with surgeries and clinical practise.

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