Classic Edition

Main Rom ( – Classic Edition (Intelligent Data2SD)

ROM Category: Development Release/Test Build

When you report issues with a dev release, dont expect it to be fixed soon.

  • Lightly Customized ROM
  • Built-in Data2SD (No need to use the Data2Sd installer/Reinstaller)
  • UOT Theme
  • Essential Thirdparty app

The difference between this Rom and the other Roms (Classic and Lite editions) is that Data2SD in this Rom is Built in. You do not have to install the Data2SD installer/Reinstaller over the Rom to get Data2SD.

To install, wipe completely, and install the Rom. On first boot, setup your Language and Wifi settings (if you want). You can also set these up later and can also just skip everything till you land on the home screen. Once system has settled down, hit the power button and choose “Reboot”. When you reboot, a green LED will come on, and Data2SD will be installed according to the size of the ext partition. Then, a blue LED will flash signalling successful loading of Data2SD.

This version has the Adbirdie Keyboard as default, a custom battery mod from UOT, and flying Windows animation. Note that the framework of this Rom is different from other StarBurst Roms. The Kernel is Neo 1000mv which is good for extended batteries.

NOTE: Wiping the CACHE partition will completely remove your Data2sd Data partition, and will cause your previously functioning apps to stop functioning. If you need to wipe cache, use this script to backup your Cache, and restore it after you wipe the Cache safely.

How to Install the Classic Edition?

First time users can install Classic right after partitioning their card, and wiping. To migrate to StarBurst Classic X2 from any other version, first convert your current script to X1 with the Migration code, and then use this X1 to X2 migration code. Following that, you can install Classic Rom without a Wipe.

MD5: b872367bd2e6b0e3706d28860676ed77

Categorized as Beta

By Joel G Mathew

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