Data2SD Migration Code

Data2SD Migration Code:

There are now three different versions of Data2SD:

  1. W series (previously called Beta code): Moves dalvik-cache and all system settings to nand. Superfast. Known Issues: Nand may fill up fast and impose an absolute limit on number of apps that may be installed. Should be enough for most people. If you face the issue, you can switch to X series.

  2. Setting fix version (X series): Difference from W sereis is that settings is left on Nand, while dalvik-cache of apps is moved to sdcard. So you dont get the limit of apps like W series. May be slightly worse in performance compared to W series

  3. Stable version (tiny series): /data completely shifted to Sdcard. Known issue: Settings (Wifi, language-if not set at first boot; etc ) revert to default on each reboot.

Note: Use the Migration zip for Stable (tiny) series cautiously. It’s been sparsely tested.

I’d like feedback on the use of these scripts to improve upon them. Let me know whether it worked for you.

Migrate W series to X series

Migrate W series to tiny series

Migrate X series to W series

Migrate tiny series to X series

Migrate X1 to X2 (For upgrade to StarBurst Classic)

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