How to upgrade to a new version?

Important Points

  1. Before installing any newer version of the ROM, make sure to do a full Titani

New ROM version

If you were using Standard version, and upgrading to newer Standard vesion, or similiarly from Lite to newer Lite:

  1. Boot to recovery
  2. Backup from Recovery
  3. Install the new Rom from recovery without a wipe.
  4. Immediately install the Data2SD reinstaller (This should be the Reinstaller corresponding to the Installer you previously used. Note: You should never use a newer Data2SD reinstaller while doing a reinstall, unless specifically told to)
  5. Reboot

New Data2SD version

If you wish to switch between W, X and Tiny versions, use the migration code. Nandroid backup before doing that.

A method which always works is described below.

  1. Make a Titanium backup (Backup “User apps+All system data”)
  2. Boot to recovery
  3. Backup from Recovery
  4. Wipe data/Factory reset from Recovery
  5. Install ROM
  6. Reboot to Android desktop, choose Language, wipe and other network settings. Never enter the Google account details at this point! Never use the Android Market either
  7. Install the newer Data2SD installer
  8. Reboot to Android desktop, open Titanium backup and choose “Restore missing apps + all system data”

Changing ROMs (Standard to Lite, and vice versa)

Usually, you can install like the first method above. If there are issues doing that, use the second method

By Joel G Mathew

Joel G Mathew, known in tech circles by the pseudonym Droidzone, is an Android and Linux enthusiast. His favorite pastime is grappling with GNU compilers, discovering newer Linux secrets, writing scripts, hacking roms, and programs (nothing illegal), reading, blogging. and testing out the latest gadgets. When away from the tech world, Joel is a practising ENT Surgeon.