Data2d Beta Code

When I refer to “beta” henceforth, I wont be using the old terminology of calling W versions as Beta. Both W and X version code have beta versions.  They are in beta because the theoretical possibility of them causing bootloops after kernel flashes cannot be ruled out.

The beta code will be referred to with the suffix E. So, the beta of W version is WE, that of X is XE.

To convert X version to XE, flash the XE Reinstaller. If you need to use this code righ after a fresh rom install, use the corresponding Installers. (For more instructions read the Install page)

The flashable zips can be downloaded here.

Classic Edition

Main Rom ( – Classic Edition (Intelligent Data2SD)

ROM Category: Development Release/Test Build

When you report issues with a dev release, dont expect it to be fixed soon.

  • Lightly Customized ROM
  • Built-in Data2SD (No need to use the Data2Sd installer/Reinstaller)
  • UOT Theme
  • Essential Thirdparty app

The difference between this Rom and the other Roms (Classic and Lite editions) is that Data2SD in this Rom is Built in. You do not have to install the Data2SD installer/Reinstaller over the Rom to get Data2SD.

To install, wipe completely, and install the Rom. On first boot, setup your Language and Wifi settings (if you want). You can also set these up later and can also just skip everything till you land on the home screen. Once system has settled down, hit the power button and choose “Reboot”. When you reboot, a green LED will come on, and Data2SD will be installed according to the size of the ext partition. Then, a blue LED will flash signalling successful loading of Data2SD.

This version has the Adbirdie Keyboard as default, a custom battery mod from UOT, and flying Windows animation. Note that the framework of this Rom is different from other StarBurst Roms. The Kernel is Neo 1000mv which is good for extended batteries.

NOTE: Wiping the CACHE partition will completely remove your Data2sd Data partition, and will cause your previously functioning apps to stop functioning. If you need to wipe cache, use this script to backup your Cache, and restore it after you wipe the Cache safely.

How to Install the Classic Edition?

First time users can install Classic right after partitioning their card, and wiping. To migrate to StarBurst Classic X2 from any other version, first convert your current script to X1 with the Migration code, and then use this X1 to X2 migration code. Following that, you can install Classic Rom without a Wipe.

MD5: b872367bd2e6b0e3706d28860676ed77

Data2SD Migration Code

Data2SD Migration Code:

There are now three different versions of Data2SD:

  1. W series (previously called Beta code): Moves dalvik-cache and all system settings to nand. Superfast. Known Issues: Nand may fill up fast and impose an absolute limit on number of apps that may be installed. Should be enough for most people. If you face the issue, you can switch to X series.

  2. Setting fix version (X series): Difference from W sereis is that settings is left on Nand, while dalvik-cache of apps is moved to sdcard. So you dont get the limit of apps like W series. May be slightly worse in performance compared to W series

  3. Stable version (tiny series): /data completely shifted to Sdcard. Known issue: Settings (Wifi, language-if not set at first boot; etc ) revert to default on each reboot.

Note: Use the Migration zip for Stable (tiny) series cautiously. It’s been sparsely tested.

I’d like feedback on the use of these scripts to improve upon them. Let me know whether it worked for you.

Migrate W series to X series

Migrate W series to tiny series

Migrate X series to W series

Migrate tiny series to X series

Migrate X1 to X2 (For upgrade to StarBurst Classic)

How to upgrade to a new version?

Important Points

  1. Before installing any newer version of the ROM, make sure to do a full Titani

New ROM version

If you were using Standard version, and upgrading to newer Standard vesion, or similiarly from Lite to newer Lite:

  1. Boot to recovery
  2. Backup from Recovery
  3. Install the new Rom from recovery without a wipe.
  4. Immediately install the Data2SD reinstaller (This should be the Reinstaller corresponding to the Installer you previously used. Note: You should never use a newer Data2SD reinstaller while doing a reinstall, unless specifically told to)
  5. Reboot

New Data2SD version

If you wish to switch between W, X and Tiny versions, use the migration code. Nandroid backup before doing that.

A method which always works is described below.

  1. Make a Titanium backup (Backup “User apps+All system data”)
  2. Boot to recovery
  3. Backup from Recovery
  4. Wipe data/Factory reset from Recovery
  5. Install ROM
  6. Reboot to Android desktop, choose Language, wipe and other network settings. Never enter the Google account details at this point! Never use the Android Market either
  7. Install the newer Data2SD installer
  8. Reboot to Android desktop, open Titanium backup and choose “Restore missing apps + all system data”

Changing ROMs (Standard to Lite, and vice versa)

Usually, you can install like the first method above. If there are issues doing that, use the second method