This post is for people who would like to actively contribute to improve StarBurst. It was suggested that we could come up with a list of items to test in each release. Each tester could then post a checkmark against the tems which were tested successful on the new beta.

For starters, here’s a list of things I’ve compiled. Feel free to add modifications and post it back here. Pastebin

Comments in this post are not to ask questions/interact with the dev in any way other than for the above purpose. Comments are moderated, so please don’t waste our time uselessly.

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By Joel G Mathew

Joel G Mathew, known in tech circles by the pseudonym Droidzone, is an opensource and programming enthusiast. He is a full stack developer, whose favorite languages are currently Python and Vue.js. He is also fluent in Javascript, Flutter/Dart, Perl, PHP, SQL, C and bash shell scripting. He loves Linux, and can often be found tinkering with linux kernel code, and source code for GNU applications. He used to be an active developer on XDA forums, and his tinkered ROMS used to be very popular in the early 2000s. His favorite pastime is grappling with GNU compilers, discovering newer Linux secrets, writing scripts, hacking roms, and programs (nothing illegal), reading, blogging. and testing out the latest gadgets. When away from the tech world, Dr Joel G. Mathew is a practising ENT Surgeon, busy with surgeries and clinical practise.

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